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Royal Properties & Consulting is a firmthat focuses on regulatory compliance and enforcement in the construction space.  While addressing the growing demand for a more efficient and effective construction process, our key focus hinges on producing a quality experience for both the consumer and contractor. The Royal Network strives to provide a unique, first class experience for all stakeholders involved.

We work closely with a limited number of Builders and Affiliates which are hand-picked by our professional and experienced staff. We work collaboratively as a team of champions which have built their companies into a pillar of success by hard work, integrity, and professionalism. We bring all these companies together, and through Royal we offer a group of elite companies that go above and beyond.


Royal Build Program

The Royal Build Program is designed to improve the construction experience, while mitigating risk for both the consumer and contractor.  This program allows you to work with Royal qualified builders and provides you with a project concierge to help with any of our consulting offerings.

When you choose to run your construction project through the Royal Build Program, you are vastly increasing your odds of having a great construction experience.  First off, working with a Builder who is a Royal Certified Partner can assure you they have been assessed in areas such as infrastructure integrity, policy and procedure systems, production quality, customer service, and project timeframe efficiency.  This mitigates a large amount of risk that is easily over looked for the common consumer who is not proficient in the construction industry. The results of our audits are available for your review, so you can have a good snap-shot of the company’s compliancy and processes before engaging.  In addition to this, when going through the Royal Build Program, you are assigned a block of time with one of our industry-specific consultants who will act as your construction concierge.  Our consultants can help with all the areas covered on our consulting offerings and will assist with management, clarity, quality control, efficiency, and protection for both the consumer and contractor.


Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services are compiled around all aspects of the construction world. From the consumers, to the builders, and affiliates.  Offering unique and powerful solutions for each in its demand.

  • Mediation Services
  • Qualified Leeds (Discovery and Delivery)
  • Builder Selection Assistance
  • Sub-Contractor Selection
  • Property Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Installation Compliance
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing & Media (Strategies & Content)
  • Bridge Communications
  • IT Solutions
  • Project Audits
  • Policy and Procedures (Review & Outline)
  • Construction Software (Implementation & Training)
  • Project Management
  • Selections Assistance
  • Site Meetings
  • Construction Education
  • Proposal / Estimate Review
  • Contract Review
  • Material Procurement
  • Change Orders (Process & Reviews)
  • Business Plan (Development and Implementation)

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