Royal Build Program

What does it take to be a Partner?

When a company becomes a partner of Royal, it has been through a complete certification program that includes but is not limited to a company intake, policy and procedure review, compliancy audits, reference interviews, and site visits on projects in process and completed.  The certification programs designed around proven industry standards and business development methods.  We assess and mitigate common hurdles contractors run into, pinpoint your ideal customer, tune the infrastructure for efficiency while increasing revenue streams and sustaining quality control.  Partnerships are limited to Builders, Renovation Cos, Restoration Cos, and Developers in both Residential and Commercial. 

Working through The ROYAL Build program:

  • Consumers know their builder has completed Royal’s certification program and have been approved as a Partner!
  • You will have a Royal concierge that will provide a monthly project review assessment.
  • Each job will receive a bundle of FREE concierge hours to use with any number of our consulting offerings.
  • Your construction concierge will assist with management, clarity, quality control, efficiency, and protection for both the consumer and contractor.
  • Royal will provide project photos at each phase of the build cycle.
  • Royal will assess construction preparation, protection and cleanliness.
  • Will have an unbiased 3rd party informational and guidance resource.
  • Royal Partners will be given qualified leads for new projects!
  • Royal Partners will be marketed through multiple platforms with Royal Properties and Consulting.
  • Royal will provide a Drone video coverage of the finished project for both the consumer and builder.
  • Consumers can rest assured they are going to be working with the area’s elite teams.